Thursday, 11 February 2010

The 'profound' in film

Deep, mystifyingly intimidating or simply strange...

1. Twin Peaks - The Giant speaks...keep up with me now

2. Mulholland Drive - Another from Lynch...The deep sense of unease generated by The Cowboy teeters between the ludicrous and the terrifying.

3. No Country For Old Men - Call it. Here the thread of black humour is choked by what we know of Chigurgh's unflinchingly violent inclinations. This 'playful' toin coss trembles with the threat of his impenetrable murderous logic. He represents a relentless power, a sort of fierce religiosity as if his brutal actions signify an inexorable judgement that is beyond our mortal perception.

4. Night of the Hunter - Robert Mitchum's Love and Hate speech. Having detected an air of unease from the little boy, the child-killing preacher launches into an animated retelling of the struggle between love and hate. As he bellows the story, his arms shaking with fervor, the bewildered town folk look on, motionless and stunned by this striking new figure in town.

5. Rumblefish - The philosophical mystery of 'The Motorcycle Boy'. His younger brother, Rusty James perpetually stumbles in his attempts to impress upon his older brother's elusive ideology.

6. The Limits of Control - After two hours of contemplative, cryptic exchanges, the Lone Man, who has largely remained silent throughout his meetings, has mysteriously found a way into Bill Murray's office, and is waiting on the sofa...

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  1. Never heard of 'Night of the Hunter'. Looks interesting.